B-24 DIVING CENTER in Komiža, Vis island, Croatia

Diving center

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The B-24 Diving Center, located on the beach called Jurkovica, in an entirely reconstructed space of the former wood-shipyard in Komiža, ranks among the largest and the most beautiful diving centres in the Adriatic. It was named after the American B-24 bomber, known as the last specimen of the Liberator, also called Tulsamerican, sunk on December 17th 1944, in the vicinity of the Island of Vis, at the depth of 42 metres.

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Veljano Zanki


The owner of the B-24 Diving Center Veljano Zanki is a native of Komiža, freediving world champion, and is familiar with the local waters more than anyone else. This is certainly the best reference qualifying him as an ideal instructor and guide. He set his first record back in 2007 and he has been constantly challenging himself, breaking his own records ever since.

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Komiža, one of the most beautiful diving destinations promoted by Veljano himself, is located in the bay on the west coast on the Island of Vis, and makes part of one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Adriatic, containing a number of islands, islets, and cliffs, such as Palagruža, Biševo, Sveti Andija-Svetac, Brusnik, and Jabuka, among which Brusnik and Jabuka stand out as the only volcanic islands in the Adriatic Sea.

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Distance diving!

The Island of Svetac has a shape of a craggy cliff extending in the northeast-northwest direction, making its shores high and steep on all sides, thereby rendering docking and mooring almost impossible. The island is richly grown with forest and the surrounding seas are characterised by great depths.

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