Island of Vis is situated in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. For centuries was an important strategic point in all wars in that region. Thanks to that fact it is surrounded by numerous wrecks of ships and airplanes.


  • Coordinates: 43°01,033’N, 16°13,078’E
  • Depth: 65-72 m
  • Size: 22 x 31 m
  • The airplane is in a perfect, almost intact condition
  • Type: heavy US bomber, crashed in November 1944 by German air defence forces
  • Position: the island of Vis, cape of Polivalo
  • Visibility: perfect, airplane contours are visible already after a dive to 30 metres
  • A lot of fish, large specimens

B-24 LIBERATOR “Tulsamerican” (airplane)

  • Coordinates: 43°01,59,8’N, 16°15,55,4’E
  • Depth: 37-52 m
  • Size: the airplane is scattered; the airplane size is 20 x 33 m (wing span)
  • Type: heavy US bomber, crashed on 17 December 1944 by air defence forces
  • Diverse flora and fauna, very large fish specimens


  • Coordinates: 43°4,256’N, 16°5,113’E
  • Depth: 48-51 m
  • Size: 19 x 4 x 18 m
  • Type: wooden fishing ship, sunk on 11 April 1983 due to a hit on a rock, steersman fell asleep
  • The bay of Tvrdo Zalučje, northern side of Vis
  • Diverse life on the wreck and around it, large fish specimens


  • Coordinates: 43°3,860’N, 16°16,368’E
  • Depth: 45-60 m
  • Size: 35 x 5 x 3 m
  • Type: Italian towboat sunk on 13 January 1941
  • Sunken by a British submarine
  • Position: around 400 metres east from the cape of Stončica on the island of Vis
  • Larger fish specimens


  • Coordinates: 43°00,320’N, 16°02,450’E
  • Depth: 25-55 m
  • Size: 104 x 15 x 9 m
  • Type: Greek cargo steamship sunk on 19 March 1939 due to a hit on the coast of Vis and stranding
  • Position: by the cape of Stupišće on the island of Vis
  • Larger fish specimens


  • Coordinates: 43°03,200’ N, 16°02,460’ E (island of Mali Barjak)
  • Depth: 10-34 m
  • Size: 72 x 8 x 5 m
  • Type: cargo steamship, sunk on 23 May 1930
  • Cargo steamship that transported granite blocks for road construction, sunk in the midst of a storm by stranding on the island of Mali Barjak
  • A lot of attractive fish, sponges and other flora and fauna


  • Coordinates: 43°00,86’N, 16°20,00’E (by the island of Ravnik)
  • Depth: 45-60 m
  • Size: 68 x 9.5 m
  • Type: passenger and cargo steamship, sunk on 2 February 1930
  • The ship hit the cape of Jezera on its sail from Split to Vis due to low visibility and sunk 50 metres further
  • The visibility is very good, ship contours are seen already at the depth of 20 metres
  • Attractive flora and fauna

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