Teti – underwater shipwreck

Underwater shipwreck. On the evening of the 23rd of May 1930 as the shrieking of the wind wove through the village of Saint Bjož a ship’s siren was heard. To the astonishment of the villagers a massive cargo ship has struck the nearby inlet of Mali Barjak. A child was sent to Komiža to inform the harbour master of the unfolding tragedy and ask for help.
In spite of the storm and the approaching dark a local fishing boat, powered only by wind and the strength of 8 man who battered the raging sea with their oars, set out from Komiža in a matter of minutes. In great personal peril the fisherman/rescuers tied a line going from the floundering boat to the nearby inlet, as the operation was completed all crewman disembarked the ship carrying the unwilling honorary passenger in their hands, the ships cat. Due to the bravery of simple fisherman a tragedy was averted, Teti itself, after a few unsuccessful salvage attempts, was left to the mercy of the sea throughout the second world war and was finally sunk following a strong storm sometimes during the Italian occupation of the island.
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