The B-24 Diving Centre, located in the town Komižža, Island Vis in an entirely reconstructed space of the former wood-shipyard , ranks among the largest and the most beautiful diving centers in the Adriatic. Named after the famed consolidated B-24 Liberator “Tulsamerican” that crashed near the coast of the island.

The centre is fitted with a completely new diving equipment, a coltri MCH-36 capable of filling a tank in minutes and a Drager booster pump ready to fill any kind of technical gas. The fast and comfortable 12 meter dive boat serves as the primary transportation, along with a 5 meter fast rib boat capable of reaching any dive spot in minutes.

The atmosphere at the centre is the charge of a special team, cordial and professional. Combined they have over 50 years of diving experience and love to share it. Weather you are interested in your first discovery scuba dive, a full recreational diving course or technical training one of our PADI, IANTD or SDI/TDI instructors can guide you during your training.

B-24 is also the only locally owned dive center on the island and offers the best knowledge of the excellent dive spots, may they be wrecks, reefs or caves.

Veljano Zanki

The facts that the owner of the Diving Centre Veljano Zanki is a native of Komiža, world champion freediver, and is familiar with the local waters more than anyone else, are certainly the best reference qualifying him as an ideal instructor and guide. He set his first record back in 2007 and he has been constantly challenging himself, breaking his own records ever since.

Veljano is today a renowned Croatian breath-hold diver and has so far achieved remarkable results in all the disciplines. He is also the first Croat in history who has exceeded the magic limit of 100 metres in breath-hold diving. His results put him among the top world divers, and in 2012, as a member of the Croatian national team, he won the World Championship in France. Every occasion of diving with him is bound to give you both the feeling of safety and an unparalleled experience of sea depths, leaving you enchanted with diving and the professionalism provided by the B-24 Diving Centre and its team.

Michal Procajlo

Michal is oceanographer, IANTD diving instructor and underwater photographer. He is truly in love with the sea and shares his underwater passion with others. Diving on our reefs with Michal is a pure pleasure, You will allways discover something new and develop Your knowledge about marine life. He knows the best where to search for secrets of Adriatic Sea. If You are interested with underwater photography, he will help You to develop Your skills. You can see Michals work in our gallery and on his website www.underwater-passion.com


Komiža, one of the most beautiful diving destinations promoted by Veljano himself, is located in the bay on the west coast on the Island of Vis, and makes part of one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Adriatic, containing a number of islands, islets, and cliffs, such as Palagruža, Biševo, Sveti Andija-Svetac, Brusnik, and Jabuka, among which Brusnik and Jabuka stand out as the only volcanic islands in the Adriatic Sea. This small fishing town will captivate you with its charm, rich cultural history, and, naturally, superb food. Among a number of local specialties, the so-called “komiška pogaca” deserves a particular mention. You can also visit the Fishing Museum housed in Komuna, a Renaissance fortress dating back to the 16th century, as well as numerous churches, among which Muster – St. Nicholas’s Church, dominating a hill above Komiža and protecting fishermen and seafarers from far above, is certainly the most memorable.